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Unlimited access with Gustaf Premium

With a Gustaf Premium plan, you will have unlimited access to our entire sheet music collection. Our robust search feature lets you browse, filter and discover sheet music by genre, instrument, composer, artist or song. Just add scores you like to your library and start making beautiful music.


Free sheet music included

Not convinced what benefit digital scores can bring to you? Try one of our Freebies then. We have carefully selected these pieces for you to freely experiment with the Gustaf App. No strings attached.


Upload your own scores to your cloud-based library

Do you already have lots of sheet music scattered across your hard disk, Dropbox, Google Drive on any other file system? Gustaf allows you to bring all your digital sheet music together into one nicely organised secure library in the cloud. No need to wonder where you saved that piece of music.

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Gustaf works across device & browser

Every score you buy or upload is stored instantly in the cloud in your personal Gustaf library. It’s available anytime, anywhere on your preferred device. You don’t have to switch browsers or always be online—or wait to play music. Discover our web application or download Gustaf from the App Store or Google Play for free.

Rehearse and perform offline too

Sometimes your Internet connection just lets you down. Or maybe you don’t want to be disturbed and distracted by other notifications. That’s why Gustaf allows you to rehearse and perform in an offline mode. Just choose the scores to be played offline beforehand. Oh, and you can also switch on concentration mode to avoid all notifications, as well hide toolbar and buttons.

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Better than paper sheets

Paper gets lost, torn or ends up full of pencil marks and coffee stains. And nothing is more aggravating than being in the middle of a performance and watching a paper flutter to the floor. Music flows beautifully in the Gustaf App and never goes missing. No need to print. But if you insist, you still can.

Interactive features


Enrich your performances and practice more efficiently. You can highlight the tricky parts or hide the other voices if you have a piece for ensemble but only want to see your own staff.


Like you do on paper, you can note articulations, dynamics and fingerings or make a free text annotation. You will no longer miss the spot where you keep forgetting that sharp!


Instantly transpose the full piece if you decide to play it in a different key. Automatically configure steps up or down in a flash.


Organize your scores in setlists for any occasion you want, whether it’s for rehearsal or performance.


With playback you can hear what the piece is supposed to sound like.

Responsive Interface

Regardless of your device, music scores flow smoothly. Zoom or highlight staves for effortless reading.

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Gustaf is great sheet music from official sources

The publishers are our main partners. We collaborate with the biggest publishers in the world to make sure we can offer as much music as possible. They provide us with high quality content in the Gustaf Store, officially licensed and completely legal!


With the support of our publishers

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  • Schott
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