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Ten Essential Pieces for Violin

Learning the violin is tough. Setting your finger a millimeter too far on a string or putting a bit too much pressure on the bow, and this instrument sounds like an old, screeching cat. Therefore it’s even more impressive when a violin students perseveres and gets to that comfortable position where the sound is angelic and the movements are smooth. But that doesn’t mean your work ends there.

The violin must be one of the instruments most beloved by the great composers in music history. From sonatas to concertos and a long list of solos, this instrument keeps claiming the spotlight. There’s a reason for the concert master being a violinist! This also means there’s an expansive repertoire to choose from for all levels of musicians. We wanted to help you remember which ones are a definite must. That’s why we have made this small compilation of all-time favorites in the classical repertoire. Everyone knows these pieces, and as soon as you are able to play these, you can call yourself a true master.

We hope you find some inspiration in this list so you can take your repertoire to the next level. Let Brahms, Mendelssohn, Paganini, etc. guide you through centuries of music. Playing these pieces will undoubtedly impress your friends! Don’t hesitate to let us know what your favorite is or tell us which ones we missed. We also made a Spotify playlist of violin classics down below! Don’t forget to follow us on Spotify.

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Our violin favorites

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