Using Gustaf

What is a digital-only score?

A digital-only score cannot be printed as it is not allowed by the publisher of that particular piece of music. If you purchase a digital-only score, it will be added to your personal cloud based library and you will be able to access it using our free app with any device and browser. Your score will be stored safely forever. Just put your laptop or tablet close to your instrument and you are good to start making some beautiful music!

Can I print scores?

Yes, you can. Most(*) scores can be printed from your browser instantly. You are only allowed to make prints once and for private use only. Unlawful distribution of printed scores is strictly prohibited.

Nevertheless, both the deliberate decision to concentrate on ways technology can enrich music and the abundance of copyright restrictions have led us to choose for a 100% digital platform and application. We believe you can do so much more with sheet music if you use the Gustaf App. Not only is Gustaf environmentally friendly, it’s designed to be portable, convenient, and available on any device.

(*) Some publishers do not allow printing. These scores are clearly marked as digital-only and will be added to your personal library after purchasing.

Can I hide some parts of my score

Sometimes you just want to focus on your part and not get distracted by other voices or instruments on the score. With Gustaf interactive scores that’s possible. Go to the appearance menu, select your part and click the solo button. All other parts are automatically hidden. Great for rehearsing!

If you want show some parts but not all, the again select the parts to want to hide and click the show/hide icon. Now, you can play your part but still keep an eye out on that other instrument.

To undo, follow the same steps.


How can I transpose a score?

With Gustaf interactive scores you can easily transpose your music. In the appearance menu, select the parts you want to transpose and then how many steps. Click apply. Ready!

How can I create annotations on a score

With Gustaf you can not only create text notes but also various highlighting features such as rectangles, ovals and color marking. Pick your favorite color and the shape that works best for that tricky part and apply. Now, you will never fail at that difficult bit again. To undo, click the trash can and select the annotation you want to remove.

How can I zoom in a score?

Gustaf allows you to zoom one or multiple parts of an interactive score individually or all at once. That is great to focus on your part but not lose sight of those other voices or instruments. Now, in this way you can really customize your sheet music. Try that with paper!

Which hardware do I need to play with Gustaf?

The Gustaf web application will work on any device and any browser, meaning you can access it on both Windows and Mac computers and tablets using the latest versions of the main browsers Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. We also offer mobile applications for iOS and Android tablets which you can download in the App Store and Google Play. We recommend the following tablets: iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft Surface and SCORA.

How can I color score parts

With Gustaf it’s really easy to change color of one or more parts of a score. Go to the Appearance menu in the score view, select the parts you want and pick the color you like. To undo, just follow the same steps.


How does Gustaf work

You can start playing music in 3 simple steps:

  1. Browse our catalog and discover music you can play. Study the score and test our interactive features before buying.
  2. Your digital score is added instantly to your personal online Gustaf library. You can also upload your own scores and save them forever.
  3. Our interactive Gustaf App makes it easier to play. Show or hide parts. Make annotations in color. Highlight staves. Your digital music scores look great on any device.
Can I play music with Gustaf as part of an ensemble?

Yes, you can. Gustaf was built for musicians to play music together using digital scores. Make sure that each member of your ensemble, choir, band or orchestra has a Gustaf account and the score you will play together. Remember you can upload your own scores or buy them from the Gustaf Store. For now, each musician will have to buy the scores individually but we will be adding the possibility to distribute scores and share annotations later.