What are Freebies?

Don’t we all love to get presents? Well, freebies are our gift to you. We have carefully selected a number of free scores for you to experiment with the Gustaf App. Just browse the Store, look for our Freebies, and add them to your library. No strings attached.

What is the Gustaf Essentials collection?

Our list of Gustaf Essentials is a collection of crucial pieces in music history. We’ve carefully selected these works because they are necessary for any musician or music lover. Keep an eye out, because we’ll be expanding the Gustaf Essentials collection regularly!

Where can I see if you have the title and artist I’m looking for? Can you email me?

Use the search function to find the music score you want. If your search does not match any of our products, contact us, and we’ll look for you! Send us any combination of the following: title, artist, composer, arranger, instrument (and any other remarks) through the Customer Service Chat (bottom right corner) or use the request form if search has no matches. We’ll email you when we locate your request.

Do you have specific genres or instruments?

Not only do we have Classical, Early Classical and Contemporary Classical, but we have a wide variety of genres including: Television & Movie Soundtracks, Themes from Games, Holiday & Special Occasion, Pop, Dance, Latin, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Blues, Educational, R&B, Hip-Hop, Soul, Country, Folk, World, and Religious.
Instruments include: Piano, Guitar, Voice, Brass, Strings, Woodwinds, Keyboard, Percussion, and Ensemble & Orchestra.

Where can I find my purchases? What about downloads?

When you purchase music through the Gustaf Store, the score is available immediately in your personal library in the Gustaf App. If you’re not already logged in, login to your Gustaf App account, select Library, and your sheet music will be ready to play.

Gustaf is cloud-based—this allows 24/7 access, on any Internet-enabled device, anywhere in the world. Downloading scores is currently not possible. Unlawful distribution of downloaded scores is strictly prohibited.