Legal and business

When can I expect an answer on customer support requests?

No later than 2 business days—but usually we are much quicker than that. We want our customers playing music!

Can I share my scores with my friends/other musicians?

In the future, you will be able to distribute scores you created, scores that are in public domain, or scores which are part of full sets. You will also be able to share annotations with your friends and fellow musicians.

What about copyrights?

Gustaf is made by and for musicians so we actively support copyright law: The Gustaf App and Gustaf Store does not alter current copyright regulations.

  • For music uploaded to the Gustaf App, please bear in mind that copyright regulations might not be the same in each country.
  • Sheet music that you may upload without question: music that you made yourself; music in the public domain

Any use of copyright-infringing sheet music on the Gustaf App is strictly forbidden and may lead to the removal of the infringing sheet music and/or the removal or suspension of your account without prior notification.

How is Gustaf legal?

Gustaf secured the rights from the Publishers. As musicians, we respect the need for artists to be compensated for their work and firmly believe in legal channels for music acquisition. Publishers, by the way, spend time and care ensuring the music we hear can be played accurately. We affirm Publishers’ right for fair compensation, too.

Which personal information do you retain/share?

Of course, we value your privacy! We follow the strict guidelines set forth by the EU. For more detailed information, please consult our privacy policy.