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Work with Gustaf to develop new revenue streams

  • Join us and discover new online markets

    We offer publishers the opportunity to increase sales by securely selling sheet music online while safeguarding copyrights. Work with us to use your existing files to create new, interactive products for musicians worldwide and distribute your sheet music digitally with Gustaf.

Sell your digital sheet music in the Gustaf Store

  1. Musicians choose and buy sheet music in the Gustaf Store.
  2. We deliver the music directly to the musician’s device.
  3. We sends you statements however you want to have them. You define the format.​
  4. You invoice us for the revenue we’ve created
Sell your scores on Gustaf
Sell digital scores on your website

Sell your digital scores on your own website

  1. Musicians choose sheet music on your website and can preview the score using our Gustaf Embedded Score Previewer.
  2. Musicians buy the sheet music in your existing checkout system or directly via the Gustaf Embedded Score Previewer.
  3. We delivers the music directly to the musician’s device.
  4. We sends you statements in the format you define and the revenue share is invoiced as we’ve agreed.

Work with us to develop digital scores

With decades of experience in music management, publishing, e-commerce and IT, we have a great knowledge of developing processes to help publishers develop new products.

Talk to us about engraving, formatting, conversion, distribution and marketing. Our experts can get very detailed about Sibelius, Finale and MusicXML. Test them.

New revenue streams with digital sheet music
  • Our six biggest advantages

    1. We understand e-commerce. Our team has wide experience building successful businesses.
    2. We understand your workflow. We’ll help you avoid time-consuming internal development.
    3. You can use our experience to develop new markets without taking your eye off your main business.
    4. We care a lot about the quality and visualization of the digital score. In fact we strive for pixel perfection when it comes to rendering scores (and beating sheets of paper in terms of interactivity)
    5. Our software offers genuine protection against piracy. We’re not creating a backdoor to your files.
    6. The musicians are already there. Teachers and performers already have iPads, tablets and laptops.