New Gustaf Premium plan

by Peter Leclercq

Our vision is to make you a better musician and to give a noteworthy experience with digital sheet music. We are constantly seeking for ways to innovate and make it easier for you to obtain digital scores.

Gustaf Premium: unlimited access to thousands of scores

Therefore we are introducing a radical change in our offering of digital sheet music. Our Premium plan will now include unlimited access to the entire Gustaf sheet music catalog. Yes, you read that right, that’s more than 150,000 scores right at your fingertips for only €5.99 per month. The Gustaf Premium plan includes a 30-day free trial period so why would you wait?


New Gustaf Premium Plan


Once you are a Gustaf Premium member, adding scores is easy. Go browse our store and discover music you like. We offer many ways to find scores you really want to play: for your instrument, by style, composer, artist or even publisher. Or go wild and search for anything you want :-). Click “Add to Library” you’ll find your scores in your personal library. You don’t need to go through the check-out process. Just make sure you are logged in.

Remember that we are on an never ending quest to offer to the biggest sheet music catalog in the world, so if you cannot find the piece you are looking for, you can request it with us.