We love paper, but …

by Jonathan Irons
Crumpled paper scores balls

It’s a little outdated, don’t you think?

Paper sheet music is not easy

Don’t get us wrong, we think the paper sheet music of the past is pretty incredible. After all, it is the foundation of almost all the music that we play today.

It has been a trusty sidekick for us musicians these past few centuries. It lives up to its expectations, it gives us a way to visualize and organize all of our abstract sounds.

You can write on it, you can rearrange it, you can get pretty creative with it.

But, it also has some pretty troublesome limitations.

Paper sheet music is inconvenient.

When you want to buy it, you have to order it or hunt it down at one of those increasingly rare music stores. Once you’ve got it, you have to keep track of it. And, let’s face it, once you’ve collected even a marginal amount of scores, organizing hundreds (if not thousands) of sheets can seem almost impossible.

Plus, unless you devote your time to artistically crafting every annotation and adjustment you make, the more you personalize your sheets, the more cluttered and unreadable they seem to become.

Inconvenience is so old school

The world has moved past those kinds of old-fashioned annoyances, and it’s about time for sheet music to do the same.

Imagine that for its first 300 years in existence, cinema hadn’t had any sound or color. That’s where paper sheet music’s at. Pretty pathetic, isn’t it? Amazon showed us that e-readers could obliterate the hassles of printed books, and now Kindle, Nook, and many more have put ebooks on millions of people’s digital shelves.

Apple brought that innovative spirit to downloadable music, and, since then, apps like Spotify and Napster have proven the endless possibilities of this idea.

But, us musicians are supposed to passively accept that progress has passed us by, and keep happily buying problematic paper sheet music?

The new era of sheet music

Gustaf is here to prove that the sheet music experience can be innovated, too.

We’re bringing sheet music into the 21st Century with interactive digital scores that, thanks to the power of the Cloud, can all be found in one place. Just like you’re used to listening to your music on any of your devices, Gustaf is bringing that essential capability to sheet music.

And that’s just the beginning. Not only can you access your sheet music from any device with any browser, but it’s easier than ever to organize it once you do.

Once your sheets are in your Gustaf Library, you can easily sort and search through every single one with a few clicks. Never waste hours alphabetizing and looking through your scores again.

Plus, Gustaf gives you unprecedented creative power to personalize your sheet music, letting you easily annotate and alter your score while keeping it neat and legible.

When it’s time to perform your beloved piece, just switch Gustaf into concentration mode to avoid any unwelcome updates so that you can focus on playing your best.

Our world is moving forward like never before, and now your scores can keep up.

Join Gustaf to start building your 21st Century digital sheet music library right now.