Launching the neoScores application: A digital leap forward for the scores industry

by Saar Dietvorst

Press Release

Frankfurt, 14 March 2014

Today neoScores will officially release their digital web application for sheet music. As their location for the launch, the young Belgian company chose MusikMesse, the biggest music and professional audio fair, which is being held in Frankfurt this weekend. The neoScores app is already being used by around 1000 musicians worldwide and the company is now ready to engage in strategic partnerships with publishers of sheet music.

neoScores, a web application for digital music scores, forms a link between sheet music publishers wishing to offer their goods in digital form and musicians looking to use these scores. Its revolutionary type setting and the flexibility to display and use scores on any device, running any operating system, is what sets the neoScores application apart from other apps.

Bart Van der Roost, neoScores CEO, explains: “We are convinced neoScores is the best digital sheet music web application currently on the market, even worldwide. We’ve been working very hard over the last few months to fine-tune the app. As professional musicians, we expect nothing less than perfection when it comes to typesetting: every note, every dot and every notation appears absolutely crisp and is scaled automatically to the size of your screen.”

“We go beyond simply offering nice scores,” Bob Hamblok, the technical mastermind behind neoScores, adds. “With our app, musicians benefit from a number of useful features: content aware annotations, sharing or highlighting parts of sheet music, leaving out other parts, enlarging scores, etc. We are currently working to add more features, like support for PDF files, an offline mode, real-time group annotations, play-along to MIDI-quality sounds and streaming audio services like Spotify, Deezer and Google Play Music.”

neoScores has entered talks with publishers who are willing to work with the company to digitalise their sheet music. The interactive aspect of the neoScores web application has also aroused the interest of other organisations, like orchestras and music academies. Today, sheet music is mostly sold in ‘regular’ shops or through static PDFs, which slows down the way many of these organizations work.

“The sheet music industry has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to digitalization,” Bart Van der Roost, neoScores CEO, explains. “We want to lead digital sheet music into the 21st century. But what we’re doing now is only the beginning: our web application offers tonnes of other possibilities for new features and combinations. One of the great advantages of our app is that we can customize it to best fit the wishes of our clients. That is why we would like to invite anyone who is interested to contact us, so we can examine their individual case and figure out what neoScores can do for them.”

neoScores has already demonstrated its Proof of Concept in November 2012, together with Samsung Electronics and Brussels Philharmonic. In October 2013, the company won the Starter of the Year Award, presented by Voka (Belgium). neoScores has managed to earn a much sought after spot in the Go West and iStart program by iMinds, a research institute for the Flemish government, and the company has also obtained an important IWT grant, earning it recognition in the academic world. In January 2014, neoScores launched its beta web app, which has now been optimized with the help of early adopters from across the globe.