Frequently Asked Questions

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Popular questions

What is Gustaf Premium

The Gustaf Premium plan is a monthly subscription including unlimited access to our entire sheet music catalog. Scores under €25.00 per piece can be added freely to your library for as long as you want. If you want to print a premium scores you can buy an individual copy of it. Cancelling your Gustaf Premium membership will remove access to all premium scores in your library.

Which hardware do I need to play with Gustaf?

The Gustaf web application will work on any device and any browser, meaning you can access it on both Windows and Mac computers and tablets using the latest versions of the main browsers Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. We also offer mobile applications for iOS and Android tablets which you can download in the App Store and Google Play. We recommend the following tablets: iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft Surface and SCORA.

How does Gustaf work

You can start playing music in 3 simple steps:

  1. Browse our growing catalog of official sheet music and discover music you can play.
  2. Buying sheet music is easy. Just add the score you want to your cart and pay online. Each score you buy is immediately transferred to your personal Gustaf library.Every score you purchase or select as part of a Gustaf Premium plan will be immediately transferred into your personal library in the Gustaf App. Since your library is stored on the cloud, it will always be available on any device with any browser.
  3. Digital scores from the Gustaf Store can only be used with the Gustaf App so you can enjoy additional viewing, editing and playback features. You can download and print your scores, including annotations for personal use. Your library is available in your favorite browser or download our app from the App Store or Google Play.
What is the Gustaf Essentials collection?

Our list of Gustaf Essentials is a collection of crucial pieces in music history. We’ve carefully selected these works because they are necessary for any musician or music lover. Keep an eye out, because we’ll be expanding the Gustaf Essentials collection regularly!

What is an interactive score?

Interactive scores are based on a new technical standard called MusicXML. MusicXML files will adjust according to the screen making it an easier flow for the performer. They will also allow you to make annotations or make changes directly onto the score. PDFs have a fixed width so are not as responsive and can be challenging to annotate—and downright impossible to transpose. That’s why we call PDFs non-interactive scores.

Where can I find my purchases? What about downloads?

When you purchase music through the Gustaf Store, it is instantly available in the Gustaf App. If you’re not already logged in, login to your Gustaf App account, select Library, and your sheet music will be ready to play.
Gustaf is cloud-based—this allows 24/7 access, on any Internet-enabled device, anywhere in the world. You can download scores including your personal settings and annotations for private use only.
Although Gustaf is fully digital and we believe in a paperless world (and saving trees), we also offer print functions for private use only.
Unlawful distribution of downloaded and printed scores is strictly prohibited.

Do I have to download and install the app?

The great part of being cloud-based is Gustaf can be played from any device, anywhere there’s Internet. Just surf to using any browser. If you prefer, you can download our app for iOS and Android as an alternative.

How can I perform with the Gustaf App offline?

We thought of that—Gustaf was made by professional musicians for musicians. You can turn pages by swiping, tapping or using a foot pedal. One of the best aspects about performing with Gustaf—papers no longer fly off the stand.
There are several key steps for an optimal performance with Gustaf:

  • Make sure your battery is fully charged and sleep (or energy savings) mode is turned off.
  • In the Library in the Gustaf App, designate the scores to be played offline.
  • Put the device in flight mode.
  • Dim the screen to the desired brightness.
  • If this is for a performance, turn on the Gustaf App Concentration mode to avoid all notifications, as well as hide toolbars and buttons.

Gustaf Library - Use score offline

To make your performance even easier: you can purchase a foot-pedal and stands, among other accessories, at

Can I print scores?

Yes, you can, for private use only. Nevertheless, both the deliberate decision to concentrate on ways technology can enrich music and the abundance of copyright restrictions have led us to choose for a 100% digital platform and application. We believe you can do so much more with sheet music if you use the Gustaf App. Not only is Gustaf environmentally friendly, it’s designed to be portable, convenient, and available on any device.

To print a score, you must open the score from your personal library in the Gustaf App. You can find the print function in the “options” menu or after you have opened the score in full.

Printing of Premium content – scores you added to your library as part of the Gustaf Premium plan – can not be printed unless you buy an individual copy of the score.

Print a score from the library using the options menu

Is Gustaf available through the Apple Store or Google Play?

Gustaf is also available through the App Store for iPad or Google Play for Android devices. Currently, the iOS app will not support in-app purchasing of scores. Uploading your own files is only possible for iOS 9 or higher. We recommend you use the web application via your browser to take advantage of all Gustaf features.