Gustaf, your new groupie

by Jonathan Irons
Concert audience showing love for music.

Part groupie, part personal assistant, Gustaf is ready to be your newest musical sidekick.

And we’re betting you could use a capable helper, since life is complicated, especially when you’re a musician.

Between trying to organize seemingly endless sheets of music, constantly having to make sure you have the right scores at the right time, and personalizing your sheets while trying to keep them readable, staying in control of your music can sometimes seem too daunting a task.

Gustaf is the simple solution to all these complications.

On and off stage, Gustaf is built to handle your sheet music details, so that you can focus on playing the scores you love.

The music you need, right when you need it

Gustaf consolidates your intimidating stacks of paper sheet music into one easy-to-use digital library.

That way, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your music again. You can use Gustaf on any device across all browsers, so your entire library is at your fingertips anywhere you have an internet connection.

Never fear missing pages or disorganized piles of sheets again, since Gustaf will keep every sheet perfectly organized exactly how you like it.

Your entire Gustaf Library will always be waiting for you in the Cloud, never more than a few taps of a finger or clicks of a mouse away.

Effortlessly experience your music

Gustaf’s innovations don’t stop once you log in. We designed Gustaf to make navigating, personalizing, and playing your scores effortlessly easy.

As soon as you enter your digital library, it’s easy to track down the right score to play.

Just use Gustaf’s simple search and sort features to quickly locate exactly which one of your hundreds or thousands of sheets you need.

Once you’ve found it, you can use Gustaf’s robust suite of visualization tools to neatly tweak and tune your score to perfection.

Gustaf lets you simply and neatly hide or color parts & staves, zoom, create accidentals, articulations, dynamics and more.

Now, the real fun begins!

Play simply, play successfully

You’re probably ready to get to the important part: playing your music.

Gustaf was designed to make your experience playing sheet music more intuitive and enjoyable than ever.

As you passionately propel forward through the score you’re playing, you can easily turn pages with the tough of a finger. Or, better yet, connect a Bluetooth pedal to your device and flip through with a tap of the foot.

Skillful playing takes focus, which is why Gustaf has built-in concentration mode, letting you view your interactive scores while your device is in offline mode.

Just download your scores from the Cloud ahead of time, and then view and play them in all of Gustaf’s responsive glory while fending off any distracting notifications.

An added bonus of Gustaf’s concentration mode is that, with a little bit of forethought, you can make sure that your most important scores are ready for learning even when you don’t have an internet connection, like on a long flight.

So, stop worrying about forgotten papers, illegible scores, and clunky sheets. Gustaf has your back now.

Get started today.