Gustaf and SCORA digitize sheet music for music ensembles

by Claïs Lemmens

Gustaf and SCORA will be working together to provide ensembles with digital sheet music. Gustaf delivers the scores, SCORA takes care of hardware (tablets and stands) so that different musicians can perform together efficiently. “Digital scores aren’t just for solo musicians, we can also help full ensembles manoeuvre into the digital experience.”

More and more solo musicians make the decision to play from digital scores. Even at renowned events like the Queen Elisabeth Competition tablets are no longer the exception. Musicians are attracted to this new way of performing thanks to the ease of use of one central library and other useful features. Nevertheless, an integrated digital strategy for ensembles and full orchestras is less evident.

Gustaf – an online app and store with over 163.000 pieces of music and world pioneer in digital sheet music – and SCORA – developer of hardware that allows musicians to read this sheet music perfectly – are collaborating on a digital solution for ensembles and orchestras. Through the store, Gustaf will offer a wide array of sheet music, SCORA will provide special tablets and adapted stands to facilitate performing with digital sheet music.

“We are working on the possibility to distribute digital sheet music, legally, between a large number of musicians,” says Peter Leclercq, CEO of neoScores, the company behind Gustaf. “With the Gustaf sheet music and the SCORA tablets, we can offer an integrated solution and help ensembles come up with their own digital strategy.”

Jan Rosseel, manager of SCORA and passionate musician himself, says, “Orchestras will gain efficiency by investing in digital tools. By sharing scores and annotations before and during rehearsal, they’ll be able to streamline communication within the ensemble, as well as playing together in general.”

String quartet boho4 goes digital

String quartet boho4 will premiere this integrated solution by Gustaf and SCORA during concerts in Oostduinkerke and Antwerp. The four musicians will play repertoire by Mozart, Dvořák, Shostakovich and Stravinsky from digital sheet music.

“The goal of our ensemble is to reposition classical music and give it a bigger responsibility when it comes to societal changes,” says Jessica Tortorice, coordinator of the boho4 string quartet. “Digitalization is very omnipresent in all other aspects of life. It is important for us as musicians to be part of this evolution.”

Friday August 25th – 7.30PM
Concert as part of festival Zomers Klassiek
Rozenkrans Chapel, Albert 1 Laan, Oostduinkerke 8679

Sunday August 27th – 5.15PM
Free concert as part of the ‘Cultuurmarkt van Vlaanderen’
Fashion Museum, Antwerp