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The first steps in playing music and taking instrument lessons are usually accompanied by music history and music theory. Very early on it becomes clear which of the great composers impacted and shaped music for centuries afterwards. Our tagline says it too;  from Bach to Beyoncé. Some artists you just can’t ignore.

That’s why we decided to select a collection of must-haves, which we are offering interactively; the Gustaf Essentials. These pieces have left their marks on classical music throughout the ages and are crucial to all musicians – amateurs and professionals. Because how will you ever excel as a cello player without Bach’s Cello Suites? Can you really call yourself a singer without tackling Schubert’s Winterreise? And if Debussy and Chopin aren’t part of your repertoire, will you ever truly master the piano?

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Robert Schumann Antonio Vivaldi Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Ludwig van Beethoven

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Johannes Brahms Johann Sebastian Bach Franz Schubert

The good things about our Gustaf Essentials is that we are constantly expanding this list. Not only do we think a lot of music is essential, but music is also ever-changing and evolving. Who knows, the next essential flute piece is being composed as you are reading this. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and offer suggestions for next additions!

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