Create freehand annotations

by Peter Leclercq

It has always been our objective to make digital scores as easy and friendly to use as possible. With our complete set of musical symbols, fingerings and all sort of shapes and highlights, you can just about create any annotation on your score.

However, sometimes whilst rehearsing, you don’t have the time to click on menus and look for the correct symbol. You just want to make a quick note, a personal reference. It doesn’t have to be the perfect shape, nor perfectly readable to others. As long as you know what it means, you are happy with it.

Scribble anything freely

For those musicians and times, we have created the long-awaited feature of creating freehand annotations. Freehand, because you are free to scribble anything. With your finger or with a stylus. And you can still move the annotation if it’s slightly off where you intended it to be. Have a go and try it out! As always, we welcome your feedback.


freehand annotations