Boho Strings premieres string quartet with journey through music history

by Claïs Lemmens

Gustaf was launched from the vision to serve the needs of any musician, from individuals to ensembles. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, the combination of an offline library, a wide array of features and a digital store with over 163.000 titles makes it possible to play music using digital sheets instead of ( more ... )

The team behind Gustaf

by Claïs Lemmens
Blog Gustaf Team

We usually come to you with product updates or interesting things we’ve been reading about in the publishing business, but today we want to introduce the team behind the magic. Our team members are about as diverse as our users and come from all backgrounds. For us that’s a positive thing; it helps us keep ( more ... )

Julie Daled, Business Developer

by Claïs Lemmens

Julie, our leading lady in business development, shares her experience of working in New York and what it’s like to explore the international sheet music business and sign up new publishers for Gustaf.

Aymeric Baur, Software Engineer

by Claïs Lemmens

Aymeric, Music Engraving and Software Engineer at neoScores, puts into words how the atmosphere of flexibility and freedom has helped him expand his tech skills and grow his experience in web app programming.

Peter Leclercq, CEO

by Peter Leclercq

Peter, our CEO talks about how being the odd one out in an already diverse team is not a disadvantage, but a benefit, and how employees with different backgrounds, focuses and opinions make for a stronger team.

Hans Vereyken, Software Engineer

by Claïs Lemmens

Hans, Software Engineer at neoScores, reminisces about the early days at neoScores, when the product had just started to grow from an idea to an actual platform, and the beauty of not having to choose between music and technology.

Claïs Lemmens, Gustaf Store Manager

by Claïs Lemmens

Our Gustaf store manager talks about being part of a tech start-up and changing her assumptions on what music notation is, by getting acquainted with the MusicXML format being used in the Gustaf App.