Offer Gustaf scores as a gift

by Peter Leclercq
Gustaf Premium as a gift

Have you considered offering digital sheet music to your friends or family? From now you can now offer any Gustaf score as a gift. Just choose the music piece your beloved one likes, add it to your cart and tell us at the checkout who you’d like to make happy. You can add a personal ( more ... )

More efficient searching in the Gustaf Store!

by Claïs Lemmens

Since the launch of the Gustaf Store, we have been slowly but surely building a catalog as expansive as possible for you. This catalog currently includes over 150,000 titles in a wide range of genres from classical to pop, dance and reggae. We pride ourselves on how diverse our Gustaf Store is and how big ( more ... )

Instant Print

by Claïs Lemmens

We might be biased, but we love our Gustaf App. Our favorite sheet music library keeps all of our files safe, organized and offline available. No more struggling with heavy books or copies all over the place. But we admit that it’s a big adjustment. Who else refrained from buying music online or getting a ( more ... )

New Gustaf Premium plan

by Peter Leclercq

Our vision is to make you a better musician and to give a noteworthy experience with digital sheet music. We are constantly seeking for ways to innovate and make it easier for you to obtain digital scores. Gustaf Premium: unlimited access to thousands of scores Therefore we are introducing a radical change in our offering ( more ... )

Freebies Collection

by Claïs Lemmens

Using a new product for the first time is often a discovery. You have to figure out the settings, the appropriate use, the content, … and don’t want to invest money immediately. That’s why we have made it even easier to experiment with Gustaf than before. We have selected a number of interactive scores to be part of ( more ... )

About books, scores and parts

by Peter Leclercq

Did you know that instead of buying individual pieces, you can also get full books in Gustaf? We already have about 7,000 of those in our catalog. It’s easier for those occasions where you want to own a full cycle or series, like the Goldberg Variations! Here are a few great examples: Winterreise, by Franz ( more ... )

History of Classical Music

by Claïs Lemmens
sheet music, Gregorian chant, religious

Find our Spotify playlist at the bottom of this blog post! At Gustaf, we pride ourselves on how diverse and knowledgeable our team is. That’s why we decided, a few months ago, to introduce our “Food for Thought Fridays.” Once every three weeks we sit down during lunch and listen to a presentation by one ( more ... )

Browse scores, and keep browsing

by Peter Leclercq

Our sheet music catalog has grown from zero to over 150,000 scores in just about a year. That’s been a tremendous effort! But our goal is obviously for you to discover great music and pick up your instrument again. Even with the improved search and filter functionality, that’s sometimes a bit of a challenge. We know ( more ... )

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

by Peter Leclercq
New Year Sparkler

At the beginning of a new year, it’s time to look back at what has been and what’s to come. 2016 has been a great year for Gustaf. It seems like only yesterday when we launched Gustaf back in February. Let’s look back at some of our achievements in the past year and plans for ( more ... )

All your essential scores in one place

by Jonathan Irons
Gustaf Essentials Collection - composers

Somewhere along our journey as musicians, most have us have gotten at least a broad understanding of musical history and theory. When we start learning about the people and trends that have shaped the music we know today, the artists and scores that have transformed the course of music history become apparent pretty quickly. But, ( more ... )