Gustaf, your new groupie

by Jonathan Irons
Concert audience showing love for music.

Part groupie, part personal assistant, Gustaf is ready to be your newest musical sidekick. And we’re betting you could use a capable helper, since life is complicated, especially when you’re a musician. Between trying to organize seemingly endless sheets of music, constantly having to make sure you have the right scores at the right time, ( more ... )

10,000 hours of practice

by Jonathan Irons
Playing a saxophone. Sound orchestra close up. Saxophone close up. Musician playing a saxophone. Musical concert.

Gustaf is a powerful tool for any musician who channels their sonic creativity through sheet music. There’s a lot that we can do for you, but, there is one task that you still have to tackle on your own … Practice makes perfect, and Gustaf can’t practice your music for you. But, we can make ( more ... )

History of Classical Music

by Claïs Lemmens
sheet music, Gregorian chant, religious

Find our Spotify playlist at the bottom of this blog post! At Gustaf, we pride ourselves on how diverse and knowledgeable our team is. That’s why we decided, a few months ago, to introduce our “Food for Thought Fridays.” Once every three weeks we sit down during lunch and listen to a presentation by one ( more ... )

Browse scores, and keep browsing

by Peter Leclercq

Our sheet music catalog has grown from zero to over 150,000 scores in just about a year. That’s been a tremendous effort! But our goal is obviously for you to discover great music and pick up your instrument again. Even with the improved search and filter functionality, that’s sometimes a bit of a challenge. We know ( more ... )

Master some of the world’s most iconic scores

by Jonathan Irons
Cellist playing classical music on cello

While the world is full of marvelous music, there is a group of select scores that have reached truly iconic status. Among these acclaimed sounds are the works of unparalleled artists like Adele and the beloved soundtracks of remarkable films like the James Bond collection. At Gustaf, we’re making it easy for you to learn ( more ... )