The team behind Gustaf

by Claïs Lemmens
Blog Gustaf Team

We usually come to you with product updates or interesting things we’ve been reading about in the publishing business, but today we want to introduce the team behind the magic. Our team members are about as diverse as our users and come from all backgrounds. For us that’s a positive thing; it helps us keep ( more ... )

neoScores at Musikmesse 2017

by Claïs Lemmens
Musikmesse Frankfurt

Last Friday, first weekend of April. For music aficionados in Europe, and the world, this means it was time to go down to Frankfurt in Germany for the annual Musikmesse. And just like music’s biggest publishers, instrument manufacturers, stage builders and business powerhouses, neoScores was present as well to talk to our existing partners, get ( more ... )

How the core repertoire of music profits from online distribution in the Gustaf Store

by Joris Noreillie

A question that often crops up is what the “core repertoire” of a classical musician looks like? And what should it contain for a jazz pianist? Or for a country singer? While not 100% defined, there seems to be a general consensus among experts of the respective genres what should definitely be in it. The next issue that obviously pops up is related to the size of such repertoire and how it profits from online distribution.

neoScores was awarded a Seal of Excellence by EU

by Bart Van der Roost

neoScores is proud to have been awarded a Seal of Excellence by Horizon 2020, the EU framework for Research and Innovation 2014–2020. The Seal of Excellence confirms that our project proposal GUSTAFGO2EU, an EU champion for selling and playing digital sheet music, was “successful in a highly competitive evaluation process as an innovative project proposal”.

How the internet is changing the printed sheet music industry

by Joris Noreillie

Here at neoScores we spend a lot of time thinking about and analysing where this industry is heading. As with every business, one can expect the effects of internet and digitalization to kick in at some point. Unlike what we’ve seen in the music and book industry, these disruptive forces have taken a long time to materialize.

Digital sheet music copyright: rules of thumb

by Tijs Laurens

It can be tricky to start a business that relies heavily on copyright licenses when there is always great uncertainty as to who properly holds the relevant copyright. The Gustaf Store for digital sheet music handles this challenge by licensing only sheet music from well-known and reputable publishers. For each single sheet music file that can be obtained in the Store, the a publisher has guaranteed that they hold all appropriate copyrights.

Why neoScores became Gustaf

by Bart Van der Roost
Gustaf Tablet

When Bob Hamblok, Jonas Coomans and I founded the company we were in need of a name for our concept for digital sheet music. We picked the the name that said it all: neoScores. And we still feel that it is great name for our company and for our technology. But it’s not a great name for a mad love affair, like all of us at neoScores have for music. So when we decided that we were finally ready to launch, we felt that our name should reflect our own passion for music ...