Create freehand annotations

by Peter Leclercq

It has always been our objective to make digital scores as easy and friendly to use as possible. With our complete set of musical symbols, fingerings and all sort of shapes and highlights, you can just about create any annotation on your score. However, sometimes whilst rehearsing, you don’t have the time to click on ( more ... )

Gustaf, your new groupie

by Jonathan Irons
Concert audience showing love for music.

Part groupie, part personal assistant, Gustaf is ready to be your newest musical sidekick. And we’re betting you could use a capable helper, since life is complicated, especially when you’re a musician. Between trying to organize seemingly endless sheets of music, constantly having to make sure you have the right scores at the right time, ( more ... )

10,000 hours of practice

by Jonathan Irons
Playing a saxophone. Sound orchestra close up. Saxophone close up. Musician playing a saxophone. Musical concert.

Gustaf is a powerful tool for any musician who channels their sonic creativity through sheet music. There’s a lot that we can do for you, but, there is one task that you still have to tackle on your own … Practice makes perfect, and Gustaf can’t practice your music for you. But, we can make ( more ... )

We love paper, but …

by Jonathan Irons
Crumpled paper scores balls

It’s a little outdated, don’t you think? Paper sheet music is not easy Don’t get us wrong, we think the paper sheet music of the past is pretty incredible. After all, it is the foundation of almost all the music that we play today. It has been a trusty sidekick for us musicians these past ( more ... )

Fingerings & moving annotations

by Claïs Lemmens

Adding fingerings for piano was by far the most requested feature our customer support team got. It didn’t come as a surprise, as both amateur musicians and professionals use these on a daily basis. Our old app didn’t allow for a quick way to add numbers unless you wrote them out in the free text feature, but now ( more ... )

Setlists in your Gustaf library

by Claïs Lemmens

One of the most interesting habits of people around the world is the urge to make lists. Just think of how many lists you have; one for to-do’s, one for groceries, a Netflix ‘to-watch’ list, a playlist with your favorite music for when you’re showering, cleaning or studying. The possibilities are endless. We like making ( more ... )

Got sheet music? Gustaf will back you up

by Jonathan Irons
Girl with tablet

These days, companies can’t stop talking about “the Cloud.” From Dropbox to Google Drive and beyond, everybody is hungry for your data. We’re not quite sure if there’s any standard definition of what using “the Cloud” means, but, we’ve never heard one. So we’ll tell you what “the Cloud” means to us at Gustaf: it ( more ... )

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

by Peter Leclercq
New Year Sparkler

At the beginning of a new year, it’s time to look back at what has been and what’s to come. 2016 has been a great year for Gustaf. It seems like only yesterday when we launched Gustaf back in February. Let’s look back at some of our achievements in the past year and plans for ( more ... )

Download and print scores from your library

by Peter Leclercq

Gustaf is conceived as a 100% digital platform and application. The deliberate decision to concentrate on ways technology can enrich music and the abundance of copyright restrictions have led us to believe that you can do so much more with sheet music digitally if you use the Gustaf App. Combine digital with paper Many of ( more ... )