Boho Strings premieres string quartet with journey through music history

by Claïs Lemmens

Gustaf was launched from the vision to serve the needs of any musician, from individuals to ensembles. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, the combination of an offline library, a wide array of features and a digital store with over 163.000 titles makes it possible to play music using digital sheets instead of old-school paper. The most gratifying aspect for us is being able to get direct feedback and seeing different types of users use our product.

A few months ago we got in touch with Boho Strings. This string ensemble led by David Ramael tries to redefine classical music in the context of an ever-changing society. Productions so far have been built around a relevant theme in today’s world, from the refugee crisis to nuclear warfare. Digitization, we decided, is an important evolution in different aspects of life, so the idea of working together on a digital concert was born.

This concert served a double purpose. Boho Strings’ quartet, boho4, would play their first all-digital concert and we would showcase our partnership with SCORA, manufacturer of hardware designed by and for the digital musician. Using SCORA’s tablets and customized music stands, boho4 was all set to successfully make their digital debut.

During their concerts in Oostduinkerke and Antwerp, boho4 took us on a thrilling musical journey, visiting Mozart, Dvořák, Shostakovich and Stravinsky along the way. Starting in the 18th century, we were making our way through music history through the sweet yet powerful sounds of the violins, viola and cello. Especially the last minute in Dvořák’s American String Quartet got some people to tap their foot or nod their heads to the rhythm. The audience enjoyed the masterful musicianship in a new digital environment and didn’t hesitate to ask questions afterwards. It was a very exciting weekend for all parties involved. If you’d like to hear the full program that was played, find our Spotify playlist below.

Building on the partnership with SCORA we will continue to focus on the challenge of distributing digital sheet music, legally, between a large number of musicians. With Gustaf sheet music and SCORA tablets, we can offer an integrated solution and help orchestras worldwide on developing their own digital strategy. Our official press release about the collaboration with SCORA and Boho Strings can be found here. More pictures from the concert in Antwerp can be found on our Facebook page.