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Optimised for tablets

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  • Optimised for Android tablets

    The Gustaf App is also available to download from Google Play. Optimised for tablets running Android, it will be at your fingertips whenever you feel like playing music.

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Upload scores to your cloud-based library

Upload your own scores to your private cloud-based library from your Android device or from your desktop using the web app, and your music will be available on any device at any time.

Interactive features

Use our interactive features to view, annotate, transpose and playback your scores on your Android device. And if you use a stylus you will have the same experience as writing on paper. Our digital sheets will automatically reflow if you turn your tablet from landscape to portrait. Now try that with paper!

In-app purchasing of scores

Navigate to the Gustaf Store directly from within the App and browse through our catalog of thousands and thousands of digital scores. Add them straight to your library and start playing music.

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