neoScores give a noteworthy experience with digital sheet music

The story of neoScores

We’re a group of music professionals, e-commerce experts and software wizards based in Antwerp, Belgium. We want to help people make beautiful music. So we built Gustaf, a marketplace for digital sheet music and we envision becoming a global market leader. You know that magical feeling when the lights go down in the hall and the musicians start to play? That’s what drives us.



neoScores timeline


The idea to build a music sheet application already came to Bob Hamblok and Jonas Coomans, both musicians, in 2009 and originated from the frustration of lugging around with paper scores. A few years later, in 2013, neoScores was founded together with fellow musician Bart Van der Roost. The team shares a profound love for music and is dedicated to making it easier for musicians to play, practice and perform music. In 2014, neoScores won the Foxconn Prize at the Startup Nations Summit and successfully demonstrated a proof of concept with Samsung and the Brussels Philharmonic.

neoScores is part of the European Tech All Stars and is supported by iMEC (previously iMinds) and Start it @kbc. neoScores was awarded a Seal of Excellence by Horizon 2020, the EU framework for Research and Innovation 2014–2020.

Gustaf was launched in 2016 and envisions becoming the largest global marketplace for digital and interactive sheet music.






The neoScores team shares a profound love for music

Diverse in background but united through music — that’s what we believe makes us a strong team. Adapting to an ever-changing environment is only possible with like-minded people who work towards the same ambitious goal. An open mind and a firm belief in “work hard, play hard” allows us to create products that exceed our customers’ expectations.