10,000 hours of practice

by Jonathan Irons
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Gustaf is a powerful tool for any musician who channels their sonic creativity through sheet music.

There’s a lot that we can do for you, but, there is one task that you still have to tackle on your own …

Practice makes perfect, and Gustaf can’t practice your music for you. But, we can make it easier than ever to reach the perfection that you strive for in your playing.

In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell proposed that one has to invest 10,000 hours of practice to master any discipline.

While we haven’t seen the exact science behind that idea, we can agree that one thing is certain: learning takes massive action.

Headaches of practice past

So, if you’re going to pour your excitement, time, and energy into perfecting your playing, shouldn’t you be able to channel every bit of that investment into actual practice time?

At Gustaf, we definitely think so. That’s why we’ve built Gustaf to eliminate all the usual headaches that normally accompany practicing with sheet music.

Do you really want to waste serious chunks of important practice time tracking down lost scores, shuffling through sheets, and carefully annotating to make sure you can still read the music when you’re done?

Of course not! And now, with Gustaf, you don’t have to.

Practice made perfect with Gustaf

As soon as you join Gustaf, you can create your own digital interactive sheet music library based completely in the Cloud.

That means that your practice time just got a lot more simple! Your Gustaf Library is available anywhere you have internet access, since you can log into Gustaf from any device on any browser. With just a few clicks of a mouse or taps of a finger, you can pull up your entire library of scores, no matter where you are.

In the past, with paper sheets, having your entire library right in front of you would’ve been pretty cool. But, you still would’ve faced the monumental task of sorting through it all to find the one score you wanted to practice. With Gustaf, you can forget that old annoyance, since your entire Gustaf Library is easily sortable and searchable, meaning you can find the exact score you want right when you want it.

Once you’ve picked the score you want to perfect, you can effortlessly personalize and polish it using Gustaf’s extensive arsenal of visualization tools. Instead of scribbling and scratching your sheets until they’re barely readable, Gustaf lets you simply and neatly hide or color parts & staves, zoom, create accidentals, articulations, dynamics and more.

We even built in a metronome, tuner, and convenient playback feature to make sure you have all the practice tools you need, anywhere you are.

Once you’ve tweaked and polished your score to satisfaction, you can effortlessly focus on practice with Gustaf’s concentration mode, which guards your device from any distracting notifications while still letting you utilize the full capability of Gustaf.

Gustaf has the tools you need to make your practice time more powerful and productive than ever.

Why waste another second on the old-fashioned annoyances of practicing with paper sheet music? Join Gustaf today and start perfecting your playing.