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“After forgetting my songbook at home more than once, I was relieved to find that Gustaf keeps it all online.” Chris
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“You can tell that Gustaf cares about quality—the scores look so beautiful. Even my strict music professor would approve.” Tiffani
“It’s great how you can transpose in a flash. Or hide parts. Or instantly change color. Or make annotations...Saves a lot of time and headache.” Steve

Thousands and thousands
of scores starting at €0.99

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Annotate. Transpose. Concentrate.
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Gustaf is great music. Search our vast collection.

Our robust search feature lets you browse, filter and discover sheet music by genre, instrument, composer, artist or song. Whether you have to play it, want to play it or love to play it, Gustaf is designed for musicians of all levels, professionals included.

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The Gustaf Essentials

With a Gustaf Premium account, you can use our Gustaf Essentials collection in the app at no extra cost. We’ve carefully selected the pieces after asking ourselves the question which pieces are crucial to music history and necessary for any musician or music lover. We plan to expand this collection regularly and give our Premium users even more content to play!

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PDFs are so nineties. We have interactive files.

Our files are fully interactive. They can be used with the Gustaf App where you have lots of options to view, annotate, transpose, edit and playback. We do support PDF files, but they may have some copyright restrictions.

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No more paper

Paper gets lost, torn, or ends up full of pencil marks and coffee stains. And nothing is more aggravating than being in the middle of a performance and watching a page flutter to the floor. Music sheets flow beautifully in the Gustaf App and never go missing.

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Play & perform offline, too.

Make room for Gustaf — make room for music!

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Learn the story behind Gustaf. We share news about artists & composers, music technology, and talk about our features.

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Help & Customer Service

Contact us via the link below or read more on our customer service page. You’ll find an FAQ and answers to questions about premium plans & pricing.

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